Getting Started in prayer

Christians learn about prayer from the teaching of Jesus and from the Bible more widely. The Bible is full of prayers in fact. If you have a Bible and look for the Book of Psalms you will see many different types of prayers. Many of these are very useful because they speak of the human need for God, during good times and bad.

In the gospels, Jesus gave new teaching about prayer. He taught his disciples what is known today as the Lord's prayer. He also taught them that the type of prayer that mattered most to God, was prayer that came from the heart. God is not impressed by long 'wordy' prayers or by outward appearances. He wants us to speak to him from what is deep within.

Prayer also involves learning to listen. Prayer is very much a 'two-way' process, of listening to God and speaking to God.

This brings to mind something else Jesus taught about prayer - the need to find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. It is very hard to pray when you are surrounded by noise. Quiet space is so valuable. This may not be possible at home. Sometimes we need to find somewhere else - even outside, on a walk perhaps. Some churches are open during the week and there you can find a quiet space to pray.

When people are unfamiliar with prayer, they will sometimes say, "I don't know how to pray or what to say." Some of the sections in this 'Prayer Room' part of our web site will help you. Simple prayers will be used that you can adapt for yourself. Little by little your confidence will grow in speaking to God and in listening for Him to speak. 

What else is important in learning to pray? Well, reading the Bible makes a huge difference. For one thing, God speaks very powerfully through His Word. Combining prayer and guided Bible reading is the best way of building up your life of prayer. 

We hope you will find our Prayer Room helpful. Watch it grow as we add prayers to it over the coming weeks and months. Let us know if you find anything really helpful.

Remember, if the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, we shouldn't worry about making the same request...."Lord, please teach me how to pray."



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Prayer 'moments' during the day
Time for prayer

Prayers for a new day
Starting each day with prayer helps us focus on what is most important

Prayers of confession
Prayers that involve saying sorry to God.

Prayers during illness and suffering
Prayer makes a big difference to those who suffer and are ill.

Prayer for day to day work
Prayer about work

Prayers about migration, war and conflict
Prayers for migrants searching for safety and a new home

The Lord's Prayer with a difference
My version of the Lord's Prayer

Prayer Requests
Prayer needs for yourself or others

Prayers when marriages are in difficulty
Prayers to help us deal with our feelings when our marriage is in trouble

Covering prayers
Placing ourselves fully under God's care

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