Is there something missing in your life?

A famous Christian writer from many centuries ago said that we all have a ‘God shaped hole’ in our lives that can never be filled or satisfied unless God himself puts His Spirit into our hearts. I think that a lot of people even today recognize this as true although they do not necessarily do anything about it. But most people want a sense of purpose to their lives; they want to think that life means something more than the everyday routines of work or domestic life. Does life matter? Does it have a purpose? And what about my life – does that have a purpose to it? Is there any greater meaning to life or is it just a matter of making the most of it while you can and before it ends?


I think the vast majority of people want to find some significance in their lives whether or not they have a meaningful faith in God. One result is that we fill our lives with ‘busyness.’ Every gap or space is taken up with something. It may be work, it may be family, or it may be sport or any number of activities. When I attended a top premier league football match recently, I realized just how important support for this particular team meant to so many people. It cost money, time and an emotional commitment – almost a form of hero worship perhaps? It becomes all consuming; everything else seems to revolve around this very singular interest.


Jesus was once asked what mattered most in life. He replied that before anything else, we should love God with all the passion we’ve got and our neighbor likewise. If all the other things that we do in life are subject to following this teaching then we should find it easy to keep a right balance between the purposes of God, the interests of our neighbours, and lastly ourselves.


In other words, true fulfillment in life is not actually about what we do for ourselves, it is far more about how we relate to others… to God and to our neighbour (In Jesus’ teaching your neighbour is a  reference to anyone in need of help).


Ultimate fulfilment is therefore found in right relationships. This begins with a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. This step of faith changes our compass bearing. We are no longer heading away from God but toward Him. As we do this everything else in life begins to make sense in a way that it didn’t do before. That is because we are beginning to understand God’s perspective on human life in general and upon our own life in particular.


When we take the Bible as a whole, we realise that there are some very big themes that emerge from its many pages. At the heart of it is God’s desire to bring human beings into a relationship with himself. He has made us for that purpose but that purpose remains frustrated unless we individually recognise our need for Him. We cannot make our own way to God however. Someone has to open the way for us and deal with what separates us from God – all the bad things we have done. Who is able to do this? It is Jesus, through his suffering on the cross and through his resurrection from the dead. This is the heart of the Christian gospel – Jesus alone is able to deal with what separates us from God and bring us to Him in a life-changing relationship.


Many thousands of new Christians speak of a new-found meaning and purpose to life that comes as a result of simple confession to God and faith in Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Saviour.


Is there something missing in your life? If you recognise this to be true, don’t try and fill that gap with all kinds of stuff. Seek Jesus instead. He promises that all those who seek Him will find him and receive the gift of new life… a new beginning.

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