Prayer for day to day work

Work plays such a major part of most people's lives, but I wonder how many people commit their work to prayer, either beforehand or even during the working day? This is something Christians are encouraged to do because we see work as an opportunity not just to use skills and earn money, but also to bring the love and the light of Jesus Christ into our workplace. Today, that is not easy. More and more employers do not want people talking about their faith; it has to be kept private. That does not mean that individuals cannot pray. Silent prayer is heard by God and that is what matters. Here are some simple prayers that might be of help to you or someone you know. Better still, learn to write your own.

LORD, I thank you for my job. While it is not perfect, I nonetheless thank you that I have this job. As I prepare for a new day, I want to give the day to you, so that you will guide my steps, guard my mind and give me the skills and wisdom I need to do my job well.

LORD, there are some people that I find very hard to get on with. Help me not to judge them or think hateful thoughts about them. Instead, please help me to pray for them and for their lives, that you might bless them and lead them to search for you themselves. LORD, give me patience and help me to show kindness, even when it is not returned.

LORD, there are likely to be some difficult challenges. I sometimes doubt whether I am really up to this job. Maybe other people think the same. I realise that I need your help to listen carefully, watch and observe. Help me to learn from everyone I work with, not to be too proud to think I know all the answers. Help me to be approachable, someone that others would like to be friends with; someone who they know will care about their needs.

LORD, help me to remember to pray during the day, even short prayers, so that when I face difficulties, I remember first to share it with you so that you can guide my actions. 

LORD, thank you that you are interested in what I do. Help me to be the best that I can be for Jesus sake. Amen.





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