Prayers about migration, war and conflict

There is little doubt that the western world in particular, is facing a migrant crisis, although this is clearly true of the middle east and parts of Africa and the far east. These are perplexing times and politicians need great wisdom as they try and work through these very complex issues in the best possible way. The Bible has a lot to say about caring for people in such circumstances. It also holds out the vision of nations turning their 'swords into ploughshares' in order to embrace peaceful co-existence instead of conflict. How we all might wish that more effort was made in building up broken nations and communities, instead of building up mighty armies costing billions of dollars.

Here are some prayers reflecting the need for more humanity and compassion:

Father God, how little the world has learned from its history. Still so much is spent on the power to control or do harm, rather than of a desire to build up and do good. Your Word tells us to love our neighbour as ourselves, whoever they are. Help the nations to re-discover this simple but vital teaching, that we are all precious in your sight and that your command to us is to love and not harm each other.

Father God, we pray for all the leaders of the free world as they face the hugely complex task of dealing with those fleeing from places of war or violence, in search of safety and freedom. We pray that you will give them wisdom beyond their own knowledge, so that they can make good and righteous decisions for those most in need.

Father Godwe pray for the many troubled areas of the world right now, where nations are at war and where civil society has broken down. We pray for those who see violence as a means to achieving their goals, regardless of the suffering they cause. We pray O Lord, that You will reveal to them that such actions are contrary to your will and your word. We pray that they will look at Jesus and see in Him your very image as to how we should live. Help them to turn around we pray and to seek peace instead of conflict.

Father God, we pray for the hundreds of thousands who have suffered in war-torn conflicts.We cannot imagine the pain they suffer from physical and emotional wounds. We pray that Your Holy Spirit will minister healing and wholeness to them. Help us, as your people, to play our part in opening our hands in friendship and compassion to the wounded.

Father God, for those who have left all behind them, who are risking life and limb across land and sea, in the hope of finding security and freedom, we pray for them today. Help us all to treat them with your compassion and humanity, that they might have hope. Bless all peacemakers of all religions and none. Encourage them to press on in the endeavours to bring an end to conflict and the beginning of a new day of rebuilding trust and community. And help Your people in this nation and others, to be ready to serve and show the true light of Jesus Christ. Amen.






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