Prayer 'moments' during the day

Some Christians find it really helpful to find some short spaces for prayer during the day. This helps to re-focus and to ensure that we don't loose sight of God during the busyness of the day. How much time is needed? It varies but 30 minutes is about the minimum although even 10 minutes can make a difference. By setting this time aside, it helps us to seek God afresh; to connect with His word and to commit what we are doing to His guidance and will. Finding a quiet physical space is really helpful. These times are best when we can be uninterrupted and by ourselves.

There are many books containing published prayers. They can be a great resource. The following are especially recommended:

  • David Adam 'Encompassing God' Pubished by SPCK. 
  • Celtic Daily Prayer. Published by Collins.
  • The SPCK Book of Christian Prayer.

David Adam has written quite a few other books on prayer. This one is a gem and contains wonderfully poetic prayers which are easy to read and speak to the soul. It is highly recommended.

Celtic Daily Prayer is a great resource for people who like a framework of liturgy to guide them though daily times of prayer, Bible readings and meditations. Drawing from monastic and modern sources, it is a wonderful book for everyday use.

The SPCK Book of Christian Prayer is more like a 'dip-into' resource that has a variety of prayers for almost every occasion and season in life.

There are lots of helpful books on prayer which you can find in the local Christian bookshop (Books Alive, in Elm Drive, Hove). Some talk more about the purpose of prayer and how to approach prayer. Others actually contain prayers that you can use for yourself. This is probably the best place to start and why I recommend the books by David Adam.

But without doubt, the best resource is always the Bible itself. It has many wonderful prayers in both the Old and New Testaments. You could work through the psalms over the course of a few weeks, starting at Psalm 1 and finishing with Psalm 150. 



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