Prayers during illness and suffering

There are many examples of prayers in the Bible which deal with people's fears or struggles when suffering from an illness, disease or some other mishap. This part of the prayer room is concerned with praying when we are ill, or when someone we love (or are close to) is ill and is finding life difficult to cope with as a result. The prayer can be adapted so that we can use it to pray for another.

When we are sick ourselves, prayer can be very difficult. Sometimes it is the last thing we feel like doing. This is why the prayers of others can make such a big difference. There are some wonderful books available that can be a real help. Let us know if you want some suggestions.

Also, if you are sick and are struggling with prayer, is there someone you can ask to pray for you? If not, why not ask your local pastor or vicar to come and see you.

There are many passages in the Bible that help us with praying during times of illness and all the anxiety that goes with it. Psalm 23 is often read and is a source of comfort and encouragement - for those who trust in the Lord, there is an end to the 'dark valley' and our heavenly Shepherd will bring us through it. Psalm 91 speaks of God as being like a shield and fortress. 


O Lord, I am feeling pretty low right now. I am fed up with the pain; fed up with not being able to do anything and fed up with being fed up. Is there no end to this?

I know the Bible teaches that you love me, but honestly, I don't much feel loved right now. I'm grateful of course for family and friends that care for me and try to encourage and inspire me. I try to smile in the right places, but you know how wretched I feel inside. You feel a million miles away from me too...  where are you Lord? I need you right now and you seem to have left me high and dry!

I guess its easy having faith when life is going well. Faith under fire is a different matter and I am learning that the hard way. I know that I have to learn to trust you even when I can't see the way ahead. I feel like a blind man crossing a busy road trusting in the voice of someone who says it is safe to cross. Maybe this is what faith is really about.

Lord Jesus, you healed the sick. You had compassion on them. I don't want to feel sorry for myself (even though I do - at least a bit), but would you restore me? Would you please grant me a measure of recovery so that I can get better and start living life again? I'm not fussy Lord; I don't mind how you do it.

O Lord, it has occurred to me that I might not get better; that I might have to put up with this condition for a long time, if not the rest of my days however long or short they might be. Will you help me learn to trust in you more than I do?  Will you be like that Shepherd in Psalm 23 who brings me through the dark valley into a place of new life and joy? Will you remind me that you never break the promises you have made in the Bible to those who love you?

I guess the bottom line, Lord, is that whatever happens, I want you to be there with me. I don't want to face this or to endure this alone. I need you Lord and I want you to be my Shepherd. Knowing that you are, knowing that despite what I feel, you really love me and that you won't let me go, makes a big difference.

Lord, help me now to place it all into your hands - my fears, my weakness, my vulnerable self. Be my strength Lord, be my shield, be my hiding place and grant me your peace I pray.

In Jesus name I bring this prayer.


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