Mission giving

Our Policy and Approach to Giving

Although we are a fairly small church, we believe in tithing our income. This means that we aim to give at least 10% of our income to a variety of organisations involved in different forms of Christian work and ministry - and some non Christian too.

We like to support some local organisations that care for people living in Brighton and Hove; some national and some international. Here are a list of those organisations we currently support:

In Brighton & Hove...

  • Off the Fence Trust (that works with rough sleepers, women and risk and people needing preparation for independent living)
  • Alternatives (a Christian pregrnancy advisory service)
  • Martletts Hospice.
  • Living Hope Ministry (a mission organisation based in Lancing that trains pastors who live and work in rural parts of Africa and elsewhere).

UK wide...

  • Barnabas Fund (that supports Christians in the many parts of the world where people suffer or are persecuted for their faith).
  • BMS World Mission (the missionary arm of the Baptist Union of Great Britain).
  • Care for the Family (a Christian organisation that through teaching, research and its publications, seeks to strengthen family life).
  • TEAR Fund (a major Christian agency involved in international relief).


Kibera Project (Nairobi, Kenya)

In addition to the above, for the past few years we have also raised funds to supprt a micro-financing project for a church based in the Kibera area of Nairobi, an area of particular poverty. The intention has been to work in partnership with a particular church, to enable invididual members of the church to receive basic training in business skills. Thereafter we have been able to give them a non refundable grant to help with basic living costs and then a repayable grant which is like a small business start up loan. The aim is to help people develop small business possibilities in order to increase their income. So far, some 30 people have beneffited from this scheme.

Our Sunday School children have also raised money to buy mosquito nets, blankets and Bibles for the children of this church.

In 2013 we created a  fund so that a group of women can have free access to health screening for cervical cancer.  

In 2014 we raised substantial funds for a 'bore-hole' project in a rural part of Kenya to help provide fresh water to a local church and its neighbours. In 2015 we have been able to extend a business start-up project to this same rural community. The aim is to help people become economically more self-sufficient. 

Also, in 2015, we have raised funds to help a church partner in Bosnia feed and clothe many of the migrants travelling through the Balkans in search of safety from the conflict in Syria. We have also supported a major Christian charity that feeds the occupants of a major refugee camp in the middle east.

Mission Council

We have a Mission Council that meets twice a year to review our giving and to pray for all the organisations we support. We also regularly pray for these organisations, and others that we know of on a regular basis each month.

We hope that you will find this information interesting. We do not respond to unsolicited requests for funding however. We simply offer this information because we think that it is helpful for our own community to know what churches do with the money they raise, all of which comes from church members.




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